Sunday , June 20 2021

Mexico, the second pet lover in the world

Photo courtesy of: Adolfo Vladimir / Quartosquero

Mexico. It is our country the second country in the world with more animal lovers or pet lovers, which puts it in the second global position. And that's it Seven out of 10 families have a pet in Mexico.

According to Bruno Rodriguez, a participant in the XIX Veterinary Update Symposium "Looking to the Future" Mexicans prefer mostly dogs, which according to him is a clear trend, however, after talks with veterinarians he states that more and more the preference for cats grows. At present, their experience makes them see a 80% and 20% preferably.

One of challenges for Mexican society in terms of caring for their pets is prevention and switching from emotional to educational, because, as in general health, Mexicans take care of problems when they arise.

In her involvement, veterinarian Rosalia Ariaga commented that although most of the attention of veterinarians is given in the private sphere, the presence of Public hospitals are very helpful to families that they have pets and that they can not make a big deal.

Given this, it is pronounced because all families with pets have medical access because they will find both "Very well-trained veterinarians".

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