Sunday , July 25 2021

Microsoft's winning wins surpassed all expectations and jumped

Technology giant Microsoft presented its corporate results for the first quarter of this year, which surpassed analysts' forecasts.

Gains increased by 19% to 8,800 million US dollars between January and March. This is equivalent to a $ 1.14 profit. per share, which exceeds $ 1, which the experts expect.

Windows and Office revenue reached $ 30,100 million in its third fiscal quarter, ending in March, a 14 percent jump in 12 months and more than $ 29,800 million predicted by the market.

This rise is explained by a 73% increase from Azure, the company's leading cloud service company, founded by Bill Gates. This division, which allowed him to diversify business from the Windows universe, generated a total revenue of $ 9,650 million. This is an increase of 22%.

After delivering the results on Wednesday, shares of the world's largest software maker jumped 2 percent in off-road operations.

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