Saturday , May 8 2021

Milo Mirosevic: "My father took me 89 to see U in B, but I'm a fan of the Catholic"

The idol and the former cross midfielder have referred to his childhood and the rumors that point to him as a blues fan. His father took him to the stadium, but he could not transform it.

Former Milwaukee Catholic University midfielder Milovan Mirosevic admitted that when he was young he accompanied his father to the stadium to see U, although he categorically denied being a blue fan.

"In the 89th in Santa Laura I think I went when U was in B. With my father we went to the rostrum, never in the bar, Milovan told about the blue past of Todos Jugan from CDF.

He added that "My family is from U and we went to the stadium to see U, this is a reality, but it happened and I did under 8 at the Catholic University school, under 9, under 10 and next year at UC again. and I withdrew from going to the stadium. "

Finally, the Catholic idol was consulted directly if he was or was ever a fan of the blues: "It's fiction, I'm from the Catholic," he spoke unceremoniously.

Photo: Agencia UNO

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