Saturday , June 19 2021

Minister Chadwick to Intendant Ulloa: "Do not tell me what I have to do"

The Minister of the Interior, Andres Chadwick, had a special "encontrón" with the Mayor of Biobío, Jorge Olua, in a full press conference on forest fires in the province of Concepción.

The events happened when journalists Uloa discreetly reminded Chadwick that they had to get out on the ground in two minutes, showing him his watch.

The Interior Minister's reply surprised the journalists present: – Do not tell me what to do.

After what happened, Andres Chadwick appeared, he embraced Jorge Uloa, de-dramatizing what happened.

"Do not submit a movie, without rollerthat was because I wanted to ask you all the questions and he, as he was answering, wanted us not to arrive late on Tanker's load and he wanted to show me and hurry so he did not answer so many boxes to you and he did not prolong me, "clarified the Secretary of State.

The images were shot by Channel 9:

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