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MINISTER MONKEKERG: "We will prepare for the maintenance of 5 million electric cars in the next 4th century"

Chile is already under way and also in the race to lead the vocational training of the future. And in this competition, electromobility shines with its own lights. This was done by the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Nicholas Monkebergand the Deputy Secretary of the Portfolio, Fernando Arabwho visited the Metbus workshops in Américo Vespucio to announce creating a specialized course on the subject for the first half of 2019. t

"We do not like when a company says goodbye because it did not train in time if we already know how the revolution in electric cars comes, if for 20 years we will have 5 million electric cars that will require maintenance, we want to move forward and in the first half of this year we will open a line for reconversion in electromobilitywho will offer the current mechanics to expand their knowledge through Sence courses from 100 to 200 hours to know the technology and how to maintain these cars, "he said.

After sharing with the mechanics of the company – which already has more than 100 electric buses operating in Transantango – the authorities have revealed that the need to train becomes more and more urgent every day as it is believed that 2046 Chile will have 5 million electric vehicles , in addition to the full public transport network.

"The future is already here, and we face it with creativity and learning. We currently have very few engineers in the country who know the technology of electric cars, and we have to be able to prepare to train to keep this large number of new electric cars in the country, "he said.Minister Monkeberg, who also highlighted the completion of the Formula F date in Santiago.

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"The launch of these courses is linked not only to the imperative need to educate our workers but also to the necessary transformation required by future jobs," said Deputy Minister Fernando Arab.

"Buses and electric cars in general will be very suitable for the transport of the future, that's why the necessary training and training of workers on these new technologies they are very fundamental for the industry to continue to grow in a sustainable way with the environment, "he added.


More than 50,000 mechanics are responsible for the presence of around 5,500,000 vehicles who are moving along the streets and boulevards of our country. And although electricity total 550, it's time to move forward and specialize workers.

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"The 2018-2022 Energy Route creates among its commitments to train 6,000 workers (technicians and professionals) developing skills and competences for management and sustainable use of energyin the electricity sector, on fuels and renewable energy sources, which attest to at least 3000, "the minister said.

Monckeberg estimates that there are higher education institutions that have already entered with everything in electromobility, such as the University of Chile and DuocUC. As for the latter, it should be noted that in 2018 he has trained 374 students and 2019 will add another 500 to the students.

"In March, applications will be open to the Electrical Mobility course, where the specialization will be focused on the repair, maintenance and habilitation of electric motors as well as energy efficiency classes," he said, noting that they would not leave the workers alone : "together with them we will face all these technological changes. This is not a man or a machine here, we want a man to be with the machine. This is the combination that is needed all over the world and where Chile has to lead in Latin America.

It should be remembered that several parties have already announced that they will sell fossil fuel vehicles, such as Denmark, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands in 2030and Spain, France and the United Kingdom in 2040.

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