Tuesday , June 15 2021

Minister Plain wants Twitter help to exit the parking lot at a national shopping mall

The Minister of Women, Isabel Pla, had a problem at a shopping center in eastern sector of Santiago on Saturday afternoon, so he asked for help on Twitter.

According to the Secretary of State's report, the parking bar at Mall Los Domínicos did not rise and no one could help.

– I'm looking for help for 46 minutes in Mol Los Dominica's car parkbecause the barrier does not rise. I do not know who in the mall asked for help, no office, client office, alarm, nothing. Unbelievable, "he explained.

Later, she said she left the parking lot after finding a guard who "helped her very carefully".

"I left the parking lot, I found several floors above a guard who helped me very carefully, called emergency help and climbed the barrier (spent more than an hour) @paseolosDominicos," he writes.

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