Saturday , January 16 2021


Leo Messi has just made one of his latest and deluxe benefits: $ 15 million he bought in the US, although he owns a registration number from Argentina. The aircraft, according to Doble Amarilla's reports, is Gulftream V since 2004, when the FC Barcelona player has already made some aesthetic changes.

There is already a backbone 10 in the queue, which always accompanies the Argentine star, and very important detail is made on the stairs of access to the plane. At each of the steps he has written the name of a member of his family, a major part of his everyday life as a world star. Thus, the names of Leo, Antonella, Tiago, Ciro and Mateo seem to be written.

The interior of the ship is a collection of various luxury goods and given its large size there are several rooms that make every trip can be as comfortable as a family with three young children. It has 16 seats that can be converted into a total of 8 beds, two kitchens and two bathrooms, one with a shower, so even personal hygiene can not be a problem.

According to the same information, the plane arrived yesterday at Aeroparque de Buenos Aires only with the crew. In addition, they will build a hangar in the city of San Fernando in Buenos Aires to accommodate Messi's new luxury vehicles.

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