Sunday , May 16 2021

Morales stopped the nightmare

It took him 91 days until Colo Colo met again with triumph. On August 25, the album beat U in Superclásico and the nightmare began.

But because there is no evil going on for a hundred years, Cacique returned to his arms in Talcahuano yesterday and won 2-1 in Huachipato, a victory that leaves Hector Tapia a few paces away from entering the Copa Sudamericana.

Yes, Tito is still the coach of Kolo Kolo and is installed in one of Cap Acero's cabins and has seen his contestants back from behind to turn the game.

In the 36th minute, the Huacachapo in one of the few arrivals he made in the first half opened the account through his striker Gabrielle Torres, who defeated the sad reaction of Augustine Orion's door.

To be frank, the former Boca Juniors goalkeeper has eaten it all, and his mistake seems to condemn his future in Kaczyk, considering that if he does not rank the albums of Kopa Sudamerika, Tin will probably not continued monumental.

For the same reason, Orion himself spoke at the break and took one by one his teammates to try to convince them that the story could be reversed.

"Agustin urged us to calm down in half, despite the mistake, and made us realize that in Kollo Kolo the demands are much greater than in other equipment," conceded Óscar Opazo, who at the age of 60 solves partial equality.

At that moment César Pinares had already entered Carlos Villarue, and Kacic's national team changed his face.

So 78-year-old Ivan Morales made a good breakthrough from Lucas Barrios to score 2-1, and with him the justice was placed on the board.

The striker screamed at her, not if at the stop of the championship the goat was separated from the creation of Sub20 with a misunderstanding and with that coquimism he ordered him to remain silent for all.

Beyond the anger that Morales took, the most important thing about Colo Colo is that the albums are on the brink of a "Sudanese Copa" qualification, and even if O'Higgins did not win the Catholic tickets for the Continental Tournament today.

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