Monday , June 14 2021

Moranda's humorist with the company tells about the "censorship" of the program

This week's resignation was announced by Beto Espinoza from Morandé con Compañía. The humorist has been working for more than 15 years, but eventually decided to withdraw economic agreement for the new season.

Besides lifting his salary, everything was not pleasant during his stay at Mega. There was also censorshipaccording to the complaint.

"There was censorship on certain issues that tried not to touch. There were some political issues because of the political status of Kike (Morande), "he told Muy Buenas Días.

"Some of them did not like fretón, but there was somebody on it, about the Los Castro, yes. He was embarrassed by some topics in this section "he was connecting.

Other topics that were avoided were jokes about the Church, because the animator is very Catholic, and also the reference to people according to social classes (high, medium, low).

– We had practically guide on some topics that we could not mention, the Bible, as we have called it. "It is not touched, it is not said, it is not spoken". We had a sheet saying, "this word can not be said," as a condom, "he remembers.

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