Tuesday , January 26 2021

More problems for Alvaro Salas: ex-couple says he refuses money for his son after mediation | TV and show

It's obvious, Alvaro Salas and his former partner Soledad Rodriguez they do not breathe. Both are in mediation to arrange for the 17-year-old son, whom the humorist confessed a few weeks ago. According to a mother's complaint, man will not have the will to negotiate.

After the comedian underwent consistent DNA tests to confirm paternity (all positive) hired a mediator to set a final amount for the cost of the minor. The situation was accepted by Rodriguez.

However, the woman now condemns that Salas has been indecent about asking for money for expenses such as school, food, and general maintenance expenses.

In a conversation with La Quartha, Soledad pointed out that the humorist does not take responsibility in the economic sense of his 17-year-old son.

Soledad Rodriguez | capture
Soledad Rodriguez | capture

"I thought Alvaro would change his attitude that it would be good, but it was not. He does not want to be responsible for what corresponds to him. This is their way of life and will not change, "he said.

In this sense, Rodriguez said that the TV extracte argued before the mediator that his cash income was not the same as he had years ago, which is why he stopped keeping the young man, who had often been involved a few months ago.

"He (Salas) speaks of his lawyer, mediation was given by disappointment on Thursday because they were questioned. We asked to divide all 50 and 50, but they claimed it. It was the beginning to fix something, but it is hiding from us, "he concluded.

It should be noted that Álvaro Salas does not want to refer to this issue publicly. A few weeks ago, a young woman named Paola Salas indicated she would start legal proceedings to be recognized as a legitimate daughter.

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