Wednesday , May 5 2021

More than 11,000 hectares of local forests have been swallowed by forest fires in Aisen National

Total 11 305 hectares of local forest they were consumed by forest fires in the Aysén region.

In the midst of questions about late action and 10 days after the declaration of the emergency, the government arrived in the area affected by the two forest fires, and ruled out the delay in an emergency, blaming the geography of the sector,

The fire is attacking the Colony Sour sector, Cochrane commune, to the fire of Bahía Mansa, in Chile Chico.

This was confirmed by the last cadastre presented by Onemi, who also found this the affected area is 80% relative to the other active claims, which pass from Maule to Aysén.

After flying over the area, Defense Secretary Alberto Espina excluded delays in the arrival of technical equipment and pointed to the geographical complications of the sector.

Cochrane Mayor Patricio Uloa moderated the tenor of criticism to the executive, but called for an early arrival to the Minister of AgricultureAntonio Walker to assess the environmental damage in the area.

The environmental groups have voiced their concern about the destruction of the biodiversity sectors. Greenpeace campaign coordinator Estefanía González urges the government take a stand on climate change,

Finally, the government confirmed that it would continue to operate the Ten Tanker aircraft for the days it was needed because Extinction may take months to be extinguished,

Jonas Gomez | United Nations Agency
Jonas Gomez | United Nations Agency

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