Saturday , June 12 2021

More than 300 rapid HIV detection tests have been done

Two samples are reactive but need to be confirmed

There was more than 120 people in the new fast-track HIV test at the health service, an initiative that seeks to bring people to their serostatos. This is a national campaign run by the Ministry of Health, which aims to bring the screening test for this virus to the community.

The activity is carried out jointly by professionals from the Clinical Hospital, the Health Service and Healthcare. The operation was added to the six previously made in the region. On this occasion, participants had access to HIV prevention consultancy and test information, which for 15 minutes allows the person to know their HIV status with 95% effectiveness.

Healthy Seremi Mariela Rohas said: "Magalanes' health sector is very pleased with the community's response to these operations, especially the young people's approach that was the majority in each of the days. We continue to invite the population to join and participate in this campaign for their health and self-service.

Magallanes' professional health adviser, Lorena Ricelme, explained that the surgery started well and that they expect that the following afternoon they will reach several exams similar to those of other days.

More than 300 tests have been implemented in the region, two of which are reactive, but these tests have to be ratified by the Public Health Institute, so it can not be concluded that they are new cases of HIV.

The invitation and invitation are still for people to participate in the campaigns to be held in the summer, but it is also clear that it is free and available in all primary healthcare facilities in the region.

The Magallanes health sector in the coming weeks has coordinated several activities in the region, including Monday, January 28th, taking the test in the next council, Cecil Rasmussen; on February 1 at the Espacio Urbano Shopping Center and on Saturday 2, in the town of Porvenir.

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