Wednesday , January 20 2021

More than eight thousand Chileans have already filed a lawsuit against Apple for delaying the iPhone

Last week, the Chilean courts received a request from the Consumer and Consumer Organization (Odecu) against Apple for alleged practices that would reduce the useful life of mobile phones through updates and patches of the operating system, forcing the user to buy a new iPhone.

In this respect, Odeku asked Apple Chile, MacOnline and Reifschneider, the requesting one in its action the company offset $ 126,000 to any user in Chile who owns the iPhone, and this was affected by this programmed aging. In addition, the user organization requires repairs or re-purchase of the devices.

The models affected by this practice are the model equipment iPhone 5C, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus and SE purchased between 2014 and 2017,

Advocate Sebastian Reyes, who heads this case, explains that "we want the court to rectify all phones that are listed in the case and who have had problems with the delay." If it can not be repaired or the repair is expensive, we ask the court to pay compensation to consumers, which consists in redeeming the devices at the market value they already have.

For his part, Stefan Larenas Ribbo, president of Odecu, explains that the demand for "seeks to ensure the collective interest of those who have been deceived when buying the iPhone, as they were never informed that by updating the software, the negative effects were generated in their cell phones. Consumers were deceived by the casual act of a prestigious company like Apple. People bought a mobile device that must meet the promise, which is more effective, but that did not happen. "

ODECU's legal argument is that the different iPhone models "have had poor performance, be it from early blackouts or from slower work. the operating systems of the equipment were updated with software patches sent remotely from Apple over the Internet and aimed, among other things, to hope for the CPU to work and to slow the equipment before the last model.It is supposed to improve user experience. However, this has never been reported to users of this equipment and, on the contrary, it has been deliberately resolved and executed by the Apple manufacturer. "

Faced with this scenario, Larenas says the main goal is "to repair the damage caused to the affected users and to create a precedent in Latin America for a company that is as prestigious as Apple".

By accepting the case, Odecu asked the Chilean justice to request information from state institutions, such as the Deputy Secretariat of Telecommunications and the National Customs Service, as well as Entel, Movistar, Claro, WOM and VTR operators.

How to be a part of the search?

To be part of the case, Odecu first asked users to enter their website and complete a form, but due to the large traffic they received (only four hours received more than four thousand registrations, up to eight thousand registered users), the current page there is no service.

Alternatively, please indicate from the organization, you can fill out the form from the official Facebook page.

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