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More than Rhythm, Syndrome: Medical Explanation of Elvis Presley's Specific Movements Television and Broadcasts

Elvis Presley lives in the memory of everyone and is known all over the world as a king of rock and roll, characterized by a deep voice and quite specific movements.

Those who did not like the most conservative time were the weakness of their fanatics and caused so much rage that they inspired even the same Sandro from America

Although many of us could think for years that it was a talent, these dances are not born as such but rather because of a syndrome: the one with restless legs.

Restless leg syndrome: (RLS, for acronym in English) is a problem of the nervous system that causes the feeling of an irresistible desire to stand up and walk or walk. The person who suffers feels uncomfortable if he does not move his legs. [Biblioteca Nacional de Medicina de los EE. UU]

In the beginning, Elvis Aaron played many doors, even on the Sun Records label, where he recorded his first demo (which was not what he expected) and where he also knew what was happening with his body.

"I started jumping up and down, they told me, and I did not know about it. My whole foot was shaking, mainly because I was so nervous and excited, but also because I can feel more music when I allow myself to react, "Presley said, as Jerry Osborn described in Elvis's book" Word for Word: What He said just like he said.

As it relates to the texts "The Art of History" of the music of Joaquin Baranio, five months before Sun Records Executive called him to give him a chance,

With the theme Everything is OK (Mommy) by Arthur Kroup, Elvis was first introduced to a scene where he fascinated the audience, but not only for his voice but also for his movements.

"When my turn came, I was completely stiff with fear, and I and my band went there and got things ready and we were ready to get started, but man can not move! We were like a bunch of corpses, we were so scared. Then one of the bass sections became brave and started playing and the others followed him, and before I knew him, I was singing"Explain the artist, as detailed in the Osborne text.

Elvis was amazed that he did not understand what was going on. "The audience started screaming a little and then someone started shouting and then everyone went on with it and we really had a dance. I left the stage and applauded me and they called me. I could not understand it. I had no idea what I did that they liked"Coulto said.

Jerry, these unwelcome dances made people fall in love with Presley. "My agent gave me a boost on the stage and told me that I went back and did what I was doing and said, "What am I doing?" He said, "Your feet were shaking with music, and your eyes were shaking and your shoulders were shaking and everything!"the king explained.

These movements, which were unconscious for Elvis and which resulted from his nerves, made him an icon of rock'n'roll.

A complex that gives it a unique feeling.

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