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Mourinho's signature list (one of Barca de Mesi and two untouchables by Zidan) for his new surprise team


April 25, 2019
(11:02 CET)

One of the questions many people ask for next season is whether Jose Mourinho will return to the benches. After leaving Manchester United was very close to the call in Real Madrid, He allowed himself to be loved several times. But in real they finally chose Zidane, and My He was waiting for a new proposal. He has never concealed his desire to continue training.

One of the places that sounds loud is Paris Saint Germain, Thomas Tuhle, current technical PSG, was the least disappointment at Park de Prince,

The coach has failed to have a pattern with some of the best cracks on the planet after the second round of the tournament. Champions LeagueGalats will have to settle another year with struggles just for League 1 of March until the end of the season.

Inter Milan thinks of Mourinho

But that of galats is not the only opportunity that technical values. IN Inter they are also in the spotlight. on neroazzurri they also expected more than Luciano Spaleti, but that the team has not passed the group stage of Champions League It was a blow to the confidence the club had put in it.

Therefore, if Jose interfered, the Italians would not look bad at his return. After all, with Luo they got the troy. His return will be as epic as that of Zidane to Real Madrid,

There is no hard offer, but at Inter already know what signatures they have to meet, so the sporting project can convince SetubalAnd there are three that would be essential.

Cracks that Jose Mourinho wants in Inter

One of them is in FC Barcelona and his name is Philip Cootinho, The Brazilian was already in the inter and the convulsive situation that lives in the team will make it easier to sign him for Inter,

Manchester Philip Kutinho

The other two are in Real MadridThe first one is Rafael Varane– one of the cracks most trusted by the technician Chamartine, Mourinho he sees him as an ideal footballer to lead the Transalpine defense. He knows that among Galic's plans there is an opportunity for abandonment Madrid next summer, if Florentino Perez does not offer an improvement on the contract. If Inter he covers his economic claims, signing is done.

The third one in the list is Luca Modric, My I know that Milan they are interested in getting their services and believe that their experience in major competitions can greatly contribute to the Italian team's return to the forefront of European football.

In José's list, too CasemiroHe sees him as new Pepe, But this Inter going to Brazilian will depend on whether they are made with the services of ModrickIf they fail, the karyoka will be the candidate.

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