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Mozilla joined Ubisoft to develop new versions of Firefox

Mozilla joined Ubisoft to develop new versions of Firefox

13 FEB 2019 / technology

The browser has created a partnership with the video game company to incorporate new enhancements.

To get started with newer versions of your browser, Mozilla announced an alliance with the video game company Ubisoft,

The company is behind Firefox includes Clever Engagement, an Artificial Intelligence Encoding Assistant, developed by Ubisoft LaForge, Your goal is to do faster and more efficient code writing,

With this tool, developers can see if the new edition can introduce a new one bug, based on bugs the previous one. you are taking Firefox new versions six or eight weeksthis can be of great help.

"Thanks to Clever-Commit, Firefox users will use even more robust versions of Firefox and have even better reviews," he said. Mozilla in a record on his official blog.

Firefox will have several changes in the coming months, including reviewing the browser to improve its security, and new features for the mobile version, which is currently being tested Reference Browser for android,

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