Wednesday , January 20 2021

Musk collapses against SEC and car alliances

The head of Tesla and SpaceX added that he adhered to the regulator's terms because he respected the judiciary.

Elon Musk, senior manager of Tesla and SpaceX, talks about his turbulent year in a comprehensive interview with the CBS news program "60 Minutes". 47-year-old Musku told Lewis Stach that none of her tweets have been censored ever since she reached an agreement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission in October.

Their unpleasant Twitter announcements in August to remove Tesla from the stock market have caused months of chaos, and the agency seeks to improve board management, which has long been criticized for being too much in line with its multi-billionaire leader.

"I want to be clear, I do not respect the CPC," Musk said. according to a copy previously provided by the network.

Musk added that he adhered to the terms of the SEC because he respected the judiciary. He also said he had chosen Robin Denholm as new chairman of the Tesla board and, in addition to not wanting to be president again, he said he would "have no right".

Tesla rose slightly in its previous operations until the US market was up and gaining 0.4%. Shares have risen 15% since the beginning of the year, valuing the company at $ 61,400 million.

Tesla does not buy traditional advertising, and Musk's media coverage is an important part of how the company based in Palo Alto, California is promoting its great brand. Recently, Musk is campaigning to gain the audience's benefit: he has appeared on the Recode Decode podcast by Kara Swisher as well as Axios HBO.

The 60-minute interview, shot at Tesla's only Tesla car factory in Fremont, California, seriously focused on the year Tesla rushed to increase production of the Saloon model 3. Musk confirmed the decision to build a third line of general assembly outside, under a tent to save the company.

Under a tent

"It was life or death," Musk said. "These bets against the company were correct in all standard standards that we would have failed." But they just did not rely on this unconventional situation to set up an assembly line in a tent tent.

Stack pressed Musk to the series complaints about factory conditions of the company, including unrecorded injuries, Terms of Abuse and Overtime on work. Musk said there was an "aggressive campaign" by the automobile alliance to attack Tesla "a series of nonsense" in an attempt to organize the carmaker's employees.

Mouse said he might be willing to buy some of the five factories General Motors planned to leave next year. He also says he does not smoke marijuana, although he used marijuana in a comedy podcast that is broadcast live in September.

"I do not smoke grass," Musk said. "Since anyone who has seen a podcast can say, I have no idea how to smoke marijuana or whatever, I do not know how to smoke anything honestly."

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