Sunday , June 20 2021

NASA gives Opportunity robot "dead" after 14 years on Mars

NASA gave this opportunity this Wednesday. This is the robot that has been exploring the surface of the planet Mars for 14 years. A few months ago she was damaged by a natural disaster. As a result, he completed the mission of the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) Opportunity.

The survey robot weighs 185 kilograms and is valued at $ 400 million, losing contact on June 10 after a heavy and prolonged dust storm that has irreversibly damaged the solar panels.

"That's why I stand here with a deep sense of gratitude and gratitude for declaring that the Opportunity mission is complete," said Thomas Zurbuheen, an associate NASA scientist at a public lecture.

More than 14 years of activity

This is the end of a mission that turned out to be completely unexpected. Opportunity is designed to stay on the surface of Mars for three months, and finally, the research time is over 14 years, as NASA Administrator Jim Brittenstein recalls.

"The goal was to be able to move a few kilometers across the surface of Mars and live for 90 days, and instead we are here after more than 14 years," Bridentalina said.

"It has been two decades of impressive work," said Bridence, who also ironies that after taking the position "just a year ago," she was responsible for such a statement.

What opportunities you have achieved

Opportunity gave scientists a close look at Mars, which has never been seen before. The rocks are stacked in layers that resist the erosion of water that was probably flooded on Mars several billion years ago. A prerequisite for conditions that allow for life.

Since this device and its dual spirit, which came out in 2010, continued much longer than expected, NASA had a robotic presence on Mars for more than 15 years.

But last night, the agency's control center issued the latest call to Opportunity and did not get an answer. This is considered a final signal for completing the vast and unforeseen space mission.

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