Thursday , January 28 2021

NASA has released the first self-management of the InSight probe on Mars

Just over two weeks ago the InSight probe successfully landed on Mars, starting work that has already shown its first results.

This Wednesday spacecraft he uses a camera arranged in his hand to take his first ego, which consists of a mosaic consisting of 11 images.

"First of all, I feel healthy, energetic and whole, it's me." posted on Twitter with photography.

According to a NASA statement, this is the same process that makes the Rover of Curiosity, which makes many images that are later included.

You can see in yourself the solar panel of the landing gear and its entire envelope, including its scientific tools.

Previously, NASA published the sound of the Martian wind , which was captured by the InSight probe, which collected low-frequency lasers during its first days of operations on the red planet.

InSight is the first landing artifact on Mars since 2012, the year in which curiosity began.

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