Thursday , January 28 2021

NASA's Rover at Mars could "die"

The opportunity was devastated by a dust storm last year and it all shows that this may be the end.

It's been 15 years since NASA's Opportunity landed on the surface of Mars. Unfortunately, he seems to have finished his last days.

Last June, we told you that NASA scientists have lost communication with the famous rover. Since then, they still have no news, so they fear that the remote "funeral" will be the most logical.

They said there was no sign of it since a dust storm on the red planet. This storm destroyed it, because the dust in the atmosphere meant that it could not reach the sunlight to generate energy.

Stephen Scarey, the Cornell University professor and mission chief investigator, told Fox News: "This may be the end, but if we think it's over, he feels good, I'm serious, it will be a decent death.

Flight controllers are still sending commands to the mobile phone in the hope of answering, but the longer the blackout lasts, the less the opportunity to contact.

Red planet research has become increasingly relevant from an international point of view. Indeed, China and other countries are eager to reach Mars in what can now be called a new cosmic race (see this note).

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