Thursday , June 24 2021

New rumors claim that on March 25 there will be a new Apple event

Today, there have been several rumors stating dates that Apple has chosen to make presentations, as is the case with WWDC 2019, which can be held on June 6th.

The new information comes directly from the source Badfield who confirmed that there will be a new Apple event on March 25th, although the venue where it will be held is unknown.

But do not exaggerate too much, dear reader, as according to the sources Badfield In this case, no product will be presented, ie. nothing related to hardware.

Apple's idea will be to present its new service to its own magazines, which we will probably find added to Apple News that we are not currently available to those countries on the planet.

This new service will be identical to the way Apple Music is working now but instead of finding music catalogs, we will find articles and content from different media. All this is possible thanks to Apple's acquisition of Apple's Texture.

So far, the only question is to wait for the days to see if this information is revealed by Badfield is correct or not.

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