Thursday , January 21 2021

Nicole Moreno explains that a pornographic video uploaded to networks is taking revenge on his ex-partner | community

A lot of misfortunes appeared a long time ago pornographic video who climbed up Nicole Moreno in his profile Instagram, to such an extent that many wondered if it was the model or not, because they could not assess the faces of the participants.

Eventually, Lully explained the reason why he had to upload these images to the social network that eventually viral.

In a conversation with the "The night is ours"to Chilliyen," Moreno assured him everything was for revenge, because while his former partner, Rodrígo Rocco, She slept, pulled out her cell phone, checked her nets, and found a sex video with another woman, who eventually pulled out and then went to Instagram.

"He was a rajah, at this point he was checking his cell phone, and now I'm telling him that because I overcame him, put my cell phone next to me, I started seeing who he was, what he was doing, Who liked him? Intruder. And the seeker always finds", he said.

In that direction, he added that "I said," see, and that, I upload it? "Finally, finally, because the video, I admit it, I uploaded it, but with anger, because when he treated me very badly, he was telling me ugly things.

Finally, Luli told the video that "I arrived and got it. There was nothing, 10 seconds"instead of thinking about this guy, I said," I'll disappoint her. " But then everyone thought I was".

The image of what he said you can see here.

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