Monday , August 2 2021

Nintendo sends more commuter switching kits to other companies than its previous consoles –

Everyone knows this Nintendo works hard to get support from companies from third countriesHe spoke about this in the recent presentation of financial results for the last quarter.

According to the president, Shuntaro Furukawa, the company sends more development kits never with Nintendo Switch you get more support from outside companies. This is confirmed:

Additionally, we're introducing an even greater variety of new titles from other software publishers when we enter the Nintendo Switch's third year. What you see here [imagen de abajo] This is just a sample. They range from ever-successful titles among video game fans to titles that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age or gender, feature titles created by independent developers, different specific games from different genres, and more. By uniting them, the Nintendo Switch library will continue to satisfy the diverse tastes of consumers.

Many publishers are developing titles for Nintendo Switch as they meet our broad-based expectations and because we have made our development environment available from the very start. The number of Nintendo Switch development kits sent to publishers continues to exceed the number of kits for any of our previous platforms, and many developers are creating titles for the Nintendo Switch.


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