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No more speakers: Quisco prohibits "the use of sound devices" on beaches, trails and squares – national

No more speakers: Quisco forbids

Fines for those who violate this Ordinance will vary between 1 and 3 UTM, between 48,000 and 145,000 pesos, says the mayoral decree in this regard. Tvn


on El Kiskko municipality adopted an Ordinance which limits, among other things, listen to music with beacons on the beaches and the squares of the municipality.

The decision – which is registered in. T Mayor's decree в "- 4611– reached at the end of 2018 and forbids on stay overnight, urinate, purify, request moneyExercise any kind trade is not allowed, the use of sound devices (portable speakers) and the realization of mystification, wipers or other action change free of charge transit motorized in national assets for public use ( tsquares, beaches, sidewalks, sidewalks, streets, passages, alleys and green areas).

on fines for those who violate this regulation will be among them 1 to 3 monthly tax units (UTM), i. between 48,000 and 145,000 pesos. In addition, in the event of a re-offending, sanctions will rise between 3 and 5 UTM, the mayor's decree states.


The document states that the implementation of the Ordinance will be responsible for Carabineros of Chile, the Navy and the municipal inspectors and adds that the readings will be effective from publishing the document on the website of the municipality that happened and then January 7 this year.

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