Monday , June 14 2021

Not everyone goes to the same hotel in Vinya

While discussing the "Welcome" case of the arrogance of Christian Rosselot, who participated in the battle of the Pirke supermarket, Rachel Arnandonija remained in much of the debate in silence.

One of the guests who commented on what happened was lawyer Marcela Concha, who said it was curious that there were still people trying to "nurse" the counselors in the house and, in the case of her, called Aunt Patty. the woman who works with her.

When Sergio Lagos asked her what she was thinking, she said, "I do not think it is disrespectful to try to take care of a nanny because, for example, I'm not telling you because you treat your husband as a" husband "or a nanny as "the aunt I think we should not summarize. In my case, Nancy was up to the godmother to confirm Kel, she chose him, so we do not have to summarize.

But that was not all, the panelist took the opportunity to see that there was a class of discrimination in the same morning team, according to page 7.

– I'll give an example. Here everyone wants to look good and fantastic, but for example, a few here will go to the Vinya Festival and not all go to the same hotel. I know we're on holiday, we have to save, and there are people who send them in a 3-star hotel, and another in 5-star hotels. So those who say that (we are all equal) have to stay in one of the three and not claim to send one of these "on" or not? "He finished.

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