Sunday , January 24 2021

now you can use it (almost) as an intelligent speaker

on NVIDIA shield It has been created for years as one of the best options when it comes to turning our salon into a much more fun place, and now the company has renewed the platform, so it's more fun than it is fun.

on integrating Google's assistant into NVIDIA Shield It has been a while, but now it's a sweet spot with an improved interface and full support for the power of this engine: you can control home automation devices, have more powerful contextual voice interactions, or even take advantage of powerful routines by the Google assistant.

Updates as the basis for this value proposition

One of the basics of the NVIDIA shield is to be able to enjoy it games up to 4K 60 FPS with HDR and the entire catalog of games adapted from Android TV, in addition to the traditional computer games that eventually come to this platform like Tomb Raider.

For some time now, it's possible to enjoy GeForce Now in the open Beta NVIDIA Shield. On the computer or Mac, access is more limited as we only have a closed beta. The console provides direct access (via the subscription model) to a great catalog of many popular games on the PC marketThis is basically like having a GTX 1080 computer that plays games on your TV.

Since they launched NVIDIA Shield, they have received more than 20 OTA updates with which we've fixed the failures, but new features have also been released: GeForce NOW and now Google Assistant are two good examples.

A Google assistant who better than ever with a shield

So far, you can search, but with rather simple results. Now this interaction can be more complicated: for example, we can go back 5 minutes back to playing a movie or series, let's say you run the news or ask for the propagation of "Throne Game". With the small button, we can click the microphone button and voice commands, but the game controller also has voice activation with the traditional "OK Google" in hands-free mode

Shield 6

With Google Assistant, more solutions and tools are now integrated: from the multimedia part to integration with smart devices and connected to the homeWe can control Nest cameras, for example, with which we can instruct them to show us what's happening through them at any time with Show me the door door. We can also interact with Google Photos and, for example, "show my Egyptian photos" or say "Show me pictures of this person" to take advantage of the recognition of this platform.

Now these queries are more visual in terms of performance and we can then show more information about one of the titles shown or reproduce them, thus continuing the conversation with the assistant. This is a more contextual interaction and this allows you to proceed further in using this Google assistant.

There are also options to take advantage of the services the developers perform as Tender, which shows how to prepare drinks and cocktails. This allows us to go a little further in this type of interaction, but the most interesting thing is probably the creation of routines, creating a sequence of actions through a single command. In this way, with "It's Christmas", we can play certain Spotify music, activate some lights in the house or the tree and adjust the temperature, for example.

Shield 12

Integration with Google Home mini is also interesting because we can give voice commands to this speaker to act as a continuation the hands-free function of the command, for example. We do not need to have control with us – in the image that is shown on television, far away, and that's why it will not catch our voice – and everything will work as if we have control over the games or the microphone of the remote that listens to us.

The two models available are 199 EUR without video game commands and 229.99 euro with the command. The base is the same, but there is an active promotion from yesterday to December 25 in stores such as Amazon and PC Components, which allows you to get the console with discount of 35 and 40 euros respectively according to the model.

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