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NVIDIA laughs at the energy efficiency of the AMD Radeon graphics

During the call to investors to submit bills, Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA CEO, talks about the performance of their graphics game.

A few hours ago we repeated the fact that NVIDIA (slight) improvement in revenue and profits. The company has been conducting accounts for shareholders and good data meant stock market growth. Negative forecasts were made, but the company managed to improve the results of the last quarter. During the presentation, Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, launched a rocket that directly affected AMD. He basically mocked the 7nm Radeon charts, noting that 12nm Turing was much more effective.

NVIDIA laughs at the consumption of AMD graphics

It became clear that GCN design for the AMD Radeon GPU is more than outdated. Vega 10 and above all Vega 20 showed a sharper shadow of AMD's chart. Radeon VII based on Silica Vega 20 exceeds 400W and has serious temperature problems.

Something Huang used to push AMD directly. He stressed that 12nm Turing is much more effective than the Vegan 20 from 7nm. Above all, he stressed that Radeon's decision uses a new lithography that should significantly improve productivity and dramatically reduce consumption.

Huang stressed that this is possible because they work with TSMC in the development of their own process called FinFET NVIDIA. This allows the company to develop an efficient architecture for a specialized production process. He emphasizes that his competitor uses a 7nm generic production process that does not produce good results. Something that causes bad energy efficiency. Huang points out that this allows "extra-scale energy efficiency that allows NVIDIA to dominate competition"

Navi will be released in E3 2019, at this time we can evaluate the performance level of this architecture. It is expected to reduce the consumption of Vega 20, although we should not be very optimistic. If the rumor that says it's based on GCN is accomplished, we can see the 50W reduced TDP.

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