Saturday , September 18 2021

Onemi declared Early Warning for high temperatures in Santiago this week

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The Onemi declared a Preventive Early Warning for the Metropolitan Region because of the high temperatures that will be present this week.

The warning from the Meteorological Direction shows that between Tuesday and Thursday there will be high temperatures in the valley and the foot of the Metropolitan area.

According to the details, the feared triads 30-30-30 can be produced: 30 degrees of temperature, 30% humidity and winds of more than 30 km / hour; which promotes the spread of forest fires.

Thus, in the northern and eastern sectors of the region, thermometers will reach up to 34ºC.

This warning statement is based on a condition of strengthening the conditions of supervision, by monitoring the conditions of risk and the conditions of vulnerability associated with threats, coordination and activation of the Regional Civil Protection System.

Transport Inform also mentions those who travel by foot or bicycle to protect themselves against UV light due to weather forecasts.

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