Monday , June 14 2021

Pacto de Sangre left the viewers with heart attack: Feliciano discovered the truth about El Acquario | Television and broadcasts

That night, in the nightly novel of Channel 13, The Blood Pact, she lived her head with great influence, especially since Feliciano made an important discovery in her effort to find the missing Daniela Solis.

But the audience could not avoid being in the heart when the detective decided to enter the Aquarium, finding that the place belonged to a network of child prostitution.

But not everything was easy for the character of Álvaro Gómez because his infiltration failed when he was discovered by El Colombiano, who holds the girls in captivity.

This made the telenoveel fans think that their favorite detective would not come out alive from this place, because everything that had come up against him was threatened with his own weapons after the foreign hero had discovered it.

Therefore, a series of nervous reactions from the faithful of Blood covenant on Twitter, showing concern about the uncertain future expected by the beloved character.

Finally, the police managed to get out of the situation thanks to one of the girls who helped him get out of the room he was locked in, and eventually arrested the foreign hero.

In any case, many of them were spectators who stayed with their hands after the intense scenes. Check out the best reactions below:

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