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Palestine broke Cobresal and is waiting for his trip to Venezuela

The Arabs beat over 3-0 for the miners who stayed at the bottom of the rankings. Now Ivo Basayi's students will be able to prepare the game for the Sudanese Copa against Zulia.

Palestine had looked at Cobresal, although he was looking at the South American bowl from the corner of his eye. Tricolori won 3-0 by El Salvador, which continues to be submerged at the bottom of the position table. Although the colony could climb to seventh place after the 13th day of the National Championship.

Bryan Vedzar took the ball that bounced and with a powerful right hand beat the target's resistance and the captain of miners Sebastian Lopez, who could not avoid the first fall of his porch in the 24 years when the engagement did not register any danger.

The second capture of the picture by Ivo Bassay marked her Renato Tarifenjo, which he described as the center of Guillermo Soto, who relied on John Santander's weak mark to win the starting line. In the 34th minute local people headed for two goals.

In the extra section, Cobresal had an option at the feet of Carlos Munoz and another in Marcos Figueroa's. Nobody ended inside the arch. EOn the 75th, a foul in the area of ​​Enzo Gerrero over Renee Bugueno meant another chance, but Munoz could not with Fabian Serda, who covered his hard blow. IGnacio Herrera finished the match in the 85th and decided 3-0 for the hosts.

After this victory, Palestinian may focus on its next challenge, which is for Copa Sudamericana. This Wednesday is scheduled to visit Zulia in Maracaibo, Venezuela, although it is not yet certain that the game is there because the management is done by the leadership of the actors in the colony. Meanwhile, Kobresal will receive Kokimbo Unido on Friday, May 24th.

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