Thursday , June 17 2021

Pancho Saavedra annoyed the critics of the famous "exchange" fans: "It's shameful"

The animator Francisco Saavedra is one of the most loved faces of Chilean television thanks to his "Places to Speak" program, where Chile has practically traveled to deliver it to viewers through screens.

But this time, Saavedra raised her voice in a visit to Green Glass, a national glasses company, where she took advantage of the opportunity to take down the "exchanges" of celebrities.

"I want to say something: the people who work in television programs and everything else go to the trading shops and I load them," he told the car maker Muñoz, the creator of the brand.

Then he added, "I am entirely in Chile, and I always say that I ask people not to ask the craftsmen a discount because it is shameful."

Then the animator assured that he paid for all the stuff he received during the recording of his program, then ended with the following sentence: "Indeed, the celebrity you suddenly see in Instagram or in social networks, as well as the" follow account "I do not know what … blame me! (…) I love to buy something and I'm ready," he said.

Here you can see the confessional episode in which he lived:

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