Sunday , January 17 2021

Parliament approved a restructuring of 3.5% and to zero the president and higher authorities

At a special session The Chamber of Deputies approved and sent to the Senate the project, which restores public sector wages by a total of 3.5 percent as of December 1, 2018.In addition, in the room rejected the recalculation of 2.9% for the President of the Republic and other higher state bodies and reduced it to 0%,

on first place, the Chamber approved the idea of ​​lawmaking with 112 votes in favor, 20 against and 2 abstentions,Then we proceeded to separate voices where the most relevant point was the recovery of a total redistribution of 3,5%, with 76 votes in favor, 53 against and 6 abstentions.

It is reorganization of 3.5% earnings from wages, allowances, benefits and other monetary wages such as basic wages, professional, area, inspection, municipal, special and other similar benefits, in accordance with the provisions applicable to them, to civil servants of the State.

Staff affected by the rocks the remuneration of the National Congress, the Chief Controlling Authority of the Republic and other audit institutions, the municipalities, the Armed Forces, Caribe nero de Chile and the Investigation Police, including professionals regulated by Law 15,076.

Another important point in the vote was approval of an instruction from around 30 legislators, which reduced to 0% the proposed adjustment for the country's higher authorities.

The original proposal proposed by the government set an adjustment of 2.9% for the following positions: President of the Republic, State Ministers, Deputies, Judges, President and Ministers of the Supreme Court, Prosecutor and Chief Commissioner of the Supreme Court of the Republic.

By letter or degree of homologation, 2,9% is also applied to meals received by deputies and senators, as well as to the monthly income of Ministers of the Constitutional Court, the President of the Transparency Council, the National Prosecutor and the Executive Director of the State Ministry; as well as the secretaries of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, as well as the Director of the Library of the National Congress.

The legislative proposal also provides Christmas bonuses and national holidays for the active sector, bonuses for schools and special bonuses, contribution to the social service, and a Winter vouchers, national holiday bonuses and Christmas for retirees, among other sectoral benefits.

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