Sunday , June 13 2021

PDI found one of the cyanide bottles stolen in Pudwell

PDI staff were found on the night of this Wednesday one of the two cylinders with cyanide They were inside a safe, stolen from a company in Pudaeel.

The find is on the Colo Colo street of Quilicura, where it is located the smallest of the containers, which contains 110 grams of this substance and which It was completely sealed.

Commissioner Pablo Ibarra, head of Bidema, confirmed that "the investigation into an uninhabited place of robbery that we had in search of a cyanide safe gave some positive results because we are in the Quilicura municipality and we found some of the containers that had this cyanide. "

"Investigation police officers work together with the forensic lab and have specialized firefighters to pick up containers," he said.

For now, it was not possible to find the location of the second stolen bottleone that contains one kilogram of cyanide.

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