Saturday , January 16 2021

Peace was the worst Christmas for Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton and Prince William have a beautiful marriage, the fruit of which they enjoy three children, George, Charlotte and Louis. But as with any couple, not everything is pink and not Duke of Cambridge I was living in the worst Christmas of her life when her boyfriend canceled the plans they made together. Everything was revealed in the book "Making a Royale Novel".

In the interior pages of the book, written by the expert in the Kingdom of Katie Nichols, some problems dare Kate and William when they met. During some of the tears she faced, Kate 2006 made Kate sad to regret when at the last minute Princess Diana's eldest son told his girlfriend that he had changed the plans and spent the holidays with the family real.

According to the publication by the British newspaper Express, this was a terrible situation for her and left her in tears. For them, it meant "something bad is happening." Fortunately, they managed to overcome the incident and continue their courtship until they married in an incredible Windsor ceremony in 2011 that made her part of the royal British family and conquer the throne heir.

Last week Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton visited the Royal Air Force Akrotiri in Cyprus to visit the service staff, their families and community members. At one point during the visit, the father of three was harassing him the duchess when I'm kidding for an offshoot clothing.

But far from mistaking it, she laughed at her when she pointed it out Kate She was camouflaged with the tree that stood behind them. Once again, the three mothers wore an oil-stained Smyth, Duchess Wool Blazer, combined with creamy color and fluffy trousers. "While taking pictures, the 36-year-old prince provokes laughter from everyone with his surprising comment,

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