Thursday , November 26 2020

Peanuts will be Gen.G's jungle after they do not close with SKT T1

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Many had speculated about the location of the jungle, looking for and showing the knowledge that he could come back to double up with Fakeer, which provoked a real interest in his whereabouts. But days ago it was known that this would not happen and the disappointment was great. Even rumors have said we'll find it in North America, but that will not be clear.

The world's past was won by a Chinese team who had the advantage of the Korean and Western teams by stopping Fnatich's dreams of raising a glass again. Such a phenomenon would be one of the facts that would change many teams in the surrounding continents, because changes were definitely needed for a better future. In this case, certain players will be released, others will see how they have received the bids that are still hired. Peanut has always been in the eyes of SK Telecom T1, but could not finish because we know his new team, we can win the opportunity to offer more, who knows? Maybe you are okay.

Publisher: married, / Facebook / twitter / Youtube / Coverage

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