Saturday , June 19 2021

Phil Neville: "Alexis Sanchez needs love and 10 or 15 full games to recover"

Phil Neville is the legend of Manchester United, a longtime starter in the team that has won everything in England and Europe. And from his point of view, he regrets the current state of the team after the defeat by PSG for the first stage of the Champions League finals.

"I think Manchester United has no chance in the matches from Paris," Phil said after Tuesday with 2-0. "Even if I did not see the best (Kibbutz) Mabape, it was absolutely devastating," he analyzes.

But with Alexis Sanchez he had more critical terms. "In the second half there were 20 minutes when the team did not have the ball and Alexis certainly did not touch it," said the former winner of the Champions League.

"In Arsenal we have not fallen in love with Alexis Sanchez, he has to play 10 or 15 full games to get his shape back, he's so low he sees the substitutes and he's not the one to influence," Neville said.

The decision, yes, is also available. "I do not think he's gone, I think he has to adjust his game, it's a matter of trust, he needs love, and Ole (Gunnar Solskjayer) has to work on it," he added.

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