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Photo reels in Resident Evil 2 Remake

As happens in the original game, Reason of Evil 2 there is a special type of object called Film Rolls (Photo Rolls), These objects can be brought to Dark room (comisara, ground floor, west wing) and is used in the small room in the background photographs,

These photos will give us information on how to move forward, how to open lockers and how to get it part of MQ 11 or Lightning Hawk,

Permanent Zloty 2 Remake - Pel

But also, as it happens Resident Evil 2, there is secret film this can only be achieved through something very, very specific. Do you feel curious? Well, do not worry, we'll tell you how to get all the film rolls:

All drums and where to take them

These are the "normal" drums that can be won in the game.

  • Deposit (commissioner, ground floor, west wing): in code locked lockers opened with code 106.
  • Waiting room (comisara, 2F, west wing): appears only in New Item 2. Be in a box in the front of the statue of the unicorn.
  • Shooting Hall (comisara, garage): is in the small room north of the shooting room locked with the diamond key.
  • Send (underground drains): To get to this place where one of Rioneras is, you have to take the T-handle, go to the southeast end of the lower canal, open the hatch, and get into the elevator. Be on one of the tables.

hiding places

The last reel is quite special: when you reveal it (you return to the commissioner from the toilet on the alcantara after receiving the drainage key), it shows two places that contain a secret, a "hiding place" for something indefinite, Well, the places that this photo shows are Press Center (ground floor, east wing) and small Office to the left at S.T.A.R.S.where was the battery.

note that the these objects will not appear if you have not previously found "Hide the search", do not be afraid to get closer to the search.

In the press center, what you are looking for is the table on the left, the one with the radio cassette. As you approach you will find municin for the flamethrower or Lanzadescargas.

Resident Evil 2 Remake - Hide and seek: Press Center

In the case of an S.T.A.S. office, just enter the small office on the left as soon as you enter the office. As you approach the desk, you see the indicator. It 's inside Watch rflex for Lightning Hawk / Advanced Charger for MQ 11,

Remake of Resident Evil 2 - Office of the Stars

Secret Film Roll

As in the original, there is little Easter Egg in the form of a secret film roll that can not be found by normal meansFor those who do not remember, receiving it in 1998 includes 50 times a check on the Vesker's desk.

This is enough Look at the gap between Wesker's chair and the table after you find the cover piece,

Resident Evil 2 Remake - Movie role

It's about the hidden movie "The New Star" and what you'll discover when you reveal it will surprise you! Come on, okay, do not be a bad guy because it's just curiosity. When you reveal it in the Dark Room, you will find it Photo by Rebecca Chambers, the only survivor of the Bravo team with his sporting equipment, which will later be an alternative suit at Resident Evil 0.

Resident Evil 2 Remake - Movie Rolls

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