Friday , May 7 2021

Pinera arrives in Araucania under protests and attacks on the death of Catarilla national

More than a week after the death of Mapuche community member Camilo Katrilanca and the political crisis broke out in Sebastian Pinera's administration for the Karabinero crime, tensions in this area of ​​the country are far from over.

Markets, barriers, streets, fire attacks, and school affairs are part of the scenario that the newly appointed mayor, Jorge Atton, received yesterday.

The body arrived at the airport in complete silence and without showing up to the media waiting in the terminal. He shook hands with the two provincial governors that La Araucania had, and then set off on a van in the direction of intent.

On entering briefly, Mayor Atan explained that the first thing he would do was to internalize the regional situation.

"Thank you for the welcome, but I prefer to talk tomorrow, now I will meet Gore, meet with all the teams, so let me internationalize and talk about it," he said.

There is too much violence and it hurts everyone. And there we should not confuse, fight crime, fight terrorism within the law, but with the full force of the law this is the third point.

– Sebastián Piñera to Jorge Atten

Atten was not alone in Santiago. He was accompanied by Palacio de La Moneda advisers, who would cooperate in installing their team, realizing that he came to take responsibility for a region in crisis.

Hours before his arrival in Temuco, the release of cyber security from the government was received in the presidential house by President Sebastian Pinera and Interior Minister Andres Chadwick.

A meeting that lasted for an hour and 20 minutes analyzing the events that took place after Camilo Castrilla's death, but also other issues, such as the budget and political work inherited by Louis Mayol.

At the beginning of the meeting and in front of the television cameras, the chairman thanked him for accepting the position "Instinct".

– Thank you very much for your acceptance. I think this is a demanding, demanding but at the same time a wonderful mission. For someone born and educated in La Araucania, it's like returning to your region what he has given you, "he said.

Then Pinera Eculichi explained the three priority axes that should be in his mandate as the Indent. Implementation of the Impulso Araucanía plan related to region productivity; deepening the cultural heritage that the region has, and finally asking it to fight crime and terrorism within the law.

Mayor Jorge Atten responded to the President's words with a clear message: that he supported it from the central government.

– Thank you very much, Chairman. I know the challenge, I talked to the Minister and you. I know the people in the region and obviously we need to restore confidence, restore dialogue and give it a boost. That's why I ask for all the support for the central government, "the mayor asked.

As Sebastian Pinera arrives at Temuco at nine in the morning, they decide it yesterday.

The palace surrendered that the decision of the head of state is to arrive in the area to give a public signal and change the differences with the previous government and the political position they have taken with La Araujania at the moment.

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