Monday , July 26 2021

Pinherra after the Cracow cousins: "Confirming zero tolerance against terrorism"

President Sebastian Pinera stressed they would have "zero tolerance" on terrorism when commenting on the arrest of cousins ​​Jose and Luis Trakala convicted of the marriage crime Luciferrer McKay, which happened in January 2013.

Pinera, who travels today to the Los Lagos region, commented on Twitter that "all victims deserve justice and uphold the zero tolerance of terrorism, crime and impunity. "

The chairman congratulated PDI and the prosecution on "seizing two convicted of fugitives for a brutal murder, the marriage of Luchsinger Mackay."

"We continue to work for the safety of everyone," he said.

José Tralcal Car and Luis Trakalka Quiedel they were fugitives of justice after being convicted of the marriage offense in the city of Wilkun.

This Tuesday, The "Capped Communists" were captured in La Cisterna in a room where they were hiding,

Cousins, who have been sentenced to 18 years in prison, will be transferred to Temuco to serve their sentence after detention was handed down in Santiago.

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