Tuesday , January 26 2021

Pitt Martinez and triumph over Boca: "We were the only team that was on the court" | sporty

The footballer of River Plate, Gonzalo Martinez, He said he finalized the match at Santiago Bernabeu, where his team was a crowned champion Libertadores Cup after winning 3-1 to Boca Juniors,

"You can not explain, many things are coming to your head. Spending these moments in this club is the most beautiful thing in the world– the steering wheel began.

"I remember when I was a child when I was a kid, I would play the Club World Cup with the club, but the goal was, our crowns as the best in America, and we have achieved it"added the midfielder.

In this respect, he appreciated what his team had done. "We were the only team that was in courtIt cost us the first time, but in the end we were the only ones we tried to play. Boca did nothing.

"Pity" also had words for the fans. "This is for the people who came to support us in Madrid and Buenos Aireswho has always offered his support. The river is very big. "

Finally, the Flyer assured this in January will start from the millionaires mass,

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