Sunday , June 13 2021

Players of Apex discover a secret monster


There are players who want to find more than one victory.

Since its launch last week, Apex players have discovered the wonders of this Royale battle in different ways. Of the most competitive ones who fill their screens of victories and triumphs, those who just do not want so many wars and hope to travel as many maps as possible created by Respawn.

What these drug addicts discover is a small monster discovered by Loch Ness, which appeared in the water. This animal style is now common in the Respawn company, which has previously released Titanfall cards like doll-mines.

The sweet and protective impulse of the players made them try their first instinct: to shoot the creature. When they do so, the passing of death says, "Nessi …" appears. Since this was not enough to satisfy the hunger for knowing these players, they went to the next place where other researchers could find: Reddit. Create subreddit / r / nessysecrets. Now the deleted account publishes a map of the ten animals that, taking them in a certain order, trigger action.

The appearance of a giant Ness monster is the result these fans expect. And Repsun gave it to him. Well played, lovers of eastereggs!

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