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Pokemon GO: Glaceon and Leafeon can be obtained with this method in Eevee attacks | video | Niantic | attacks Video games

We have already told you that yesterday, Pokémon GO is the premiere new raids p Eevee of the star, since, according to the words of Niantic by the request, developments from Eevee will be available. But is it possible to include this development? Leafeon and glaceon? little information goes a little, showing a method to say pokemon.

It was a notification push who told coaches around the world about the new attacks on Pokémon GO. It also mentions the availability of Raichu and Raichu de Alola, for which you can read more here.

Golden Pokemon

It is not yet known for sure which of all statements will be available for capture and which of us we will face. However, an already confirmed fact is that the fourth generation is now part of the complete universe of Niantic in Pokémon GO.

For the same reason, there is some certainty that we will be able to capture not only the well-known Jolon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, and Ephesus; but also to the new evils of Eve who came into this generation: glaceon and Leafeon,

According to C506, a portal dedicated to Pokémon GO, these are the evolutions that come with it a new invasion from Eevee, which would be a perfect excuse for displaying these new creatures. This would fit perfectly into the rumors a few months ago about the arrival of these two Pokémon. This would mean that there could be new names to get these Evei evolutions, something that is already present in previous evolutions. on trick to get them, will be by nickname.

The Amazing Geek YouTube Channel, you can confirm the rumors that exist and seem to confirm with the push of yesterday's announcement in Pokémon GO.

There are a number of different methods available online to help you Leafeon from evolution with the name of the name. There is no confirmation of the operation yet. Do you dare to try?

The name of Leafeon Pokemon GO

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