Tuesday , January 26 2021

Political world figures have responded to the GOPE withdrawal in La Araucania

President's announcement Sebastian Pinera on the withdrawal of troops from GOPE from the Araucania region, has caused a variety of reactions in the political sphere.

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The different figures of the political world have shown their opinion before the decision that the President expressed in the cabinet's last council, following the policy developed after the murder of the Mapuche communero, Camilo Katarlanca, last November 14th.

Some of them described the withdrawal of the jungle command as good news and even Senator Antofagasta Alejandro Giulie He showed signs of support: "You have the opportunity: invite all of us to the parliament with unconditional native peoples, and let us recognize Chile as a pluralist state, rely on my support!"

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While others considered it a defeat, as noted Deputy RN Camila Flores, "The government is again taking advantage of the pressure of a small group that protects and values ​​violence".

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