Monday , July 26 2021

President of the River ralla la papa: New stadium next to Boca to replace Monumental and La Bombonera

River Plate is studying the viability of a new stadium that replaces the Buenos Aires Monument, the fence was opened in 1938 and currently has a capacity for just over 75,000 viewers.

And that was it the same Riverworm, Rodolfo d'Onofrio, who revealed that he has offered Argentine President Mauriceio Macri the project for a new mega stadium … together with Boca Juniors.

"I asked the President: what if the river and Boca are here … and he did not say no, but I do not know if the Boca leaders would accept it because it would be a change that affects their sense of belonging on leaving of La Bombonera ", – said on Ontario's TNT Sports.

It has to be remembered that Boca Juniors has long explored the possibility of expanding La Bombonera, the xeneize veteran castle, opened in 1940, with a maximum capacity of 57,000 spectators after the remodeling of 1996. approves the purchase of land for the new stadium.

"For a new stadium you should consider the sale of the land where Monumental is located, and around 800 there are some lands where you can build a stadium" "added Onofrio.

Anyway, the last word will be river partners who will vote for a new house or partner project to reshape the legendary millionaire stadium.

"We will present two projects: one to build a new stadium and another to upgrade the Monumental." It is a civil society and the partner will decide " She closed.

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