Friday , November 27 2020

Prince Harry and Megan Marcall move from Kensington Palace

as Prince Harry and Megan Markel swearing in eternal love in St. George's Chapel, they have become the favorite couple of most Londoners and the rest of the world, so every news for lovers interests us.

After several weeks of rumors, Kensington Palace confirmed officially that the Duchess of Sussex leave Nottingham Cottage.

The couple moved to a new residence, a country house next to Windsor Castle, to have their first-born child.

Prince Harry and Megan Markel. Photo: Getty Images.

"The Duchess Duchess and Duchess will move to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor at the beginning of next year when they prepare for the arrival of their first child." The couple lived in Nottingham Cottage since her engagement last year., the statement said.

"Windsor is a very special place for his royal heights and they are grateful that their official residence is on the farm"The statement also acknowledges that the offices of Megan and Harry "They'll still have headquarters at Kensington Palace.

Prince Harry and Megan Marcel and their new home

The new residence is located on the grounds of Windsor Castle, has ten rooms, a children's room, a gym and a yoga hall.

Queen Elizabeth II gave them the place because of the sentimental value of Megan and Harry, as it was where the official photos of their engagement and the place where they took place after the wedding reception last May.

Sussex's husbands
Sussex's husbands. Photo: Getty Images.

The place has a natural environment that occupies more than 133,000 square meters.

The house of Frogmore is where they want to shape their family and wait for the birth of their first child scheduled for the next spring.

By: Paola Juárez @ paolalyy
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