Tuesday , June 22 2021

Providence paid nearly 3,000,000 pesos in overtime last year

Less than three thousand million pesos paid in 2018 by Providencia Municipality for overtime of a large number of its employees.

As published The third, of the 521 municipal employees who received salaries last year, 507 had extra payments, that is, 97.3%.

In general, Providencia paid 491 395 overtime at the amount of 2.902 million 982 thousand 078 pesos (2,902,982,078).

The auditor, in an audit conducted in the municipality in April 2018, analyzing the payment of overtime, recommends "introducing a time control system to ensure the integrity and reliability of the recorded information."

This is because between January and October 2017 3,832 million 735,000 037 pesos (3,832,735,037) were paid for overtime.

Meanwhile, the highest overtime payments correspond to the directors of the services, such as the Director of Control, Guillermo Risopaton, who has a monthly salary of 5 million 900 thousand 634 pesos received last year for this item 24 million 305 thousand 892 pesos.

The lawyer Maria Raquel de la Maza, director of the municipal secretariat, also appears in the salaries of high overtime payments, receiving 23 million 848 thousand 455 pesos in 2018.

According to the aforementioned media, in the province of Providencia, they refused to refer to the payment of total overtime in 2018.only they pointed out that when assumed, Mayor Evelyn Matei had discovered voluminous payments for the concept, so she ordered a gradual reduction.

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