Monday , June 14 2021

PUBG Lite, the free version of the game to compete with Fortnite

In fact, in this sense, the "mentioned" is "battle" title and the famous video game Battlegrounds on PlayerUnknownBut the second proposal we are talking about is paying while the first is free of charge, so the developer now wants to be able to compete face to face with Fortnite, That's why we just knew that at that time he was starting to try a new free version of the game called PUBG Lite, currently available in Thailand,

This reduced version of the gaming software is designed to offer the popular one game battle prank, but in this case it can work in teams with a hardware less powerful than full experience what may be even more important to many without having to pay. Thus, PUBG Lite this is a good opportunity for this particular title to "fight" in a more balanced way with the larger one competitor, Fortnite de Epic Games,

Of course, this will not be an easy task, as at that moment Fortnite has become a whole global phenomenon in the gaming sector Battle Parent Genre, among other things due to the fact that the game can be used mainly in one gadget and platform,

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PUBG releases a free version to compete with Fortnite

At the same time it is worth mentioning that PUBG Lite is completely independent on Payment PUBG, so the company ensures that there will be an independent and purposeful development team free version who will work exclusive content for this title, including cards and other features that sometimes happen from paid version,

At the same time you should know that for now this new one Beta of PUBG Lite will only include Erangel original card of the game, and at these times the test takes place in Thailand, which is where the company will decide whether to expand PUBG Lite in more regions around the world in the future, something many expect.

And, of course, the fact that consumers have to pay to play of PUBG, puts it clear disadvantage with regard to its adoption market penetration of Fortnite, which is free for every player, something that is partly solved.

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