while Battlegrounds on PlayerUnknown (PUBG) is growing the fashion of the Battle of Royale, quickly surpassed with the suggestion that it will become a world phenomenon after a few months. Fortnite there is no rival of his kind, largely because it is a free title and due to constant updates of the content. The panorama generates that PUBG Corp moves its cards to try to compete.

The company started testing a free version called PUBG Lite, currently only for Thailand. One of its main novelties is this works on low-end computers, allowing more people to join free to playWith 4GB of RAM and Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU, it's enough to start enjoying the game. These minimum and recommended requirements:


Her leaders have clearly stated this it will be entirely independent of the original title, They even created a development team dedicated to this PUBG Lite, which will be responsible for releasing new content over time. Only the Erangel card and the solo, duo or team modes are currently available. However, they promise they will soon add Exceptional scenarios,

As mentioned above, the test is limited to Thai, but is likely to spread to other regions of the world. Recall that the mobile version started in China before reaching other countries. They certainly want to measure the acceptance of their experiment before expanding it.

With this move, PUBG Corp tries to pursue a rival who is still moving away, both in popularity and in economic benefits. According to the data from TechCrunch, Epic Games introduced $ 3 million from Fornite in 2018, surpassing the GDP of 29 countries. although Battlegrounds on PlayerUnknown reaching 200 million active players, his micro-business business did not have the expected success. According to Superdatathey have injected $ 1,035 million for the same period.