Sunday , June 13 2021

"Quinteros, jealousy and those things that happen"

Jorge Seliko is happy today. I just won the first South American U20 title with Ecuador. In Chile. The Argentine used everything in the choice of Guayas. A sports director, and even a temporary technician of the adult inheriting Gustavo Quinteros, in September 2017. And UC's current DT criticized it: "I recommended Célico and I did not expect his decision to remain in that position, which surprised me badly.

What exactly happened to Quinteros?

I do not know I do not know. I was responsible for the selections, and when he left, I had no one to take the biggest, but I do not know … Jealousy and those things that happen.

What do you say now?

I hope it will go very well. Unfortunately, when he left Ecuador, he had a short connection with me, in which he had nothing to do. Surely he would have thought about it. I have always had a good relationship with him. I consider him a great coach, but at that moment we did a bad job.

He pointed to Pizz's red.

Yes, I was against Chile and Argentina when Quinteros left, but now I have Professor Hernán Bolillo Gómez and I, as well as the coach of Sub 20, as the director of all the teams.

Do you know Rueda?

Yes, a phenomenon. I hope you read this because I send you a huge embrace. He is a man with impressive human values ​​and conditions.

Have you worked with him?

Of course. I have spent much time in the EC in Ecuador. Eight years I have an American record of consecutive matches taking place in the same team. I have always had a connection with Reynoldo when he was coach of Ecuador. He's a man, his family …

Here is a lot of criticism.

Yes, but you have to let it work. He is an intelligent person and, above all, a good person, a good person, and these people deserve to go well.

How long does a coach spend in a club?

Because I first made a process in the lower. We left the champions with reserve, and to this reserve I let him play in Series B because we were with Catholics there; We climbed with these guys and with these we played the A series and we got four international qualifiers. In fact, we came to play with the Juachipado Sudamerican.

What is the key to Ecuador's first title in South America 20?

The character and technical quality of these players. I was fortunate to lead a big generation. Apart from leaving the champions, we were one of the teams that showed more beautiful football.

Now comes the World …

It never ends. We will take a break and start preparing for Poland.

What happened to Chicago Sub 20, which failed again?

The pressure, because I saw them in Odesur and played very well, won the gold. This is the place where local people go beyond them.

South America?

Very good Every day is more readable, harder because the level is matched for the better. Everything is solved in small detail.

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