Monday , June 21 2021

Raul Sochre: "The Government of Juan Guido will be far to the right"

This Wednesday Juan Guido it is the self-proclaimed president of Venezuela, leading to the fact that the United States and its allies, including Chile, recognize the actions of the deputy prime minister of the government.

Considering this, the sociologist and the international analyst, Raul Sochor, describes the possible scenarios of the Caribbean side and explained the worsening of the crisis.

"Today, there is a government in Venezuela that has real control, and it is the government of Nicholas MaduroRegardless of the questions that may be asked about the legitimacy of his election, whether sympathetic to the opposition or not, the real, physical fact is that he has control. then that all South American countries, except Bolivia and Uruguay, recognize a fictitious government is something absolutely unusual"He told the newspaper Universidad de Chile.

Within this framework, he said that recognizing Guaidó as a president is far from helping, it only aggravates the crisis in which Venezuela is years ago "with runaway inflation, with a huge supply shortage, and that, despite this political crisis – which has been generated – there is a situation of a substance that needs a solution.

Indeed, the international analyst explained that if Guaido ended with power from Maduro, "What can be expected is a firm, firm, right-wing government. Perhaps not in a line that is as drastic as the Bolsonaros values, but the extreme right-wing government.

He also took advantage of the reference to Russia, one of the countries that offered his support to Venezuela. In this connection, he assured that he can not compare to the Eurasian side of his country than to a force like the United States. Russia is a distant country far from the economic power of Russia The United States, which is the main buyer of oil This represents 95% of exports to Venezuela.

"Venezuela is very, very dependent on the United States, so if the US adopts measures such as saying "we will not buy more oil" or "we will not pay for the oil we have bought," this could lead to an even bigger collapse of Venezuela's economy, "he said .

In addition, Shor stressed that the influence of the United States is strong in the Latin American country, which is mainly reflected in the fact that "Venezuelan police officers arrested Guaydo and after a few hours the government was denied," adding:No country will accept that there is another individual who decides to be president. Even under these circumstances, Guaido has been complied with and the Venezuelan authorities have not kept it"

It would be logical to stop it as soon as it was announced, but nothing. He is free. It is precisely because there is a safe behavior that the United States has given him, with warnings. If they touch it, it will have serious consequences. This gives you guidance on the power that the United States has in Venezuela and how it manages to prevent the government"

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